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SXSW Interactive 2014

Workhacking Away From 'Business As Usual'

When companies overemphasize business processes over people, they push speed or scale, and limit variations or changes. They become process factories, robotic and unimaginative. It creates wasteful meetings, rigid management structures, cover-your-ass leadership, and actively disengaged employees.
Gallup estimates that active disengagement costs the US $450 to $550 Billion per year. Such organizations simply suck at real innovation because the overhead of trying to get things done within their system limits, simply kills vision. Executing work simply becomes an execution.
There is a light ahead: Gallup says that organizations with 9 actively engaged employees for each disengaged one, can achieve 147% more Earnings Per Share. Engagement creates real commitment and success.
To replace our limited, mindless, process-factories with agile, committed, innovative workplaces, we need to bring back employee engagement. Let's hack work and find our way back to being human.

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  1. What really binds us together to do work?
  2. How do I avoid just working on project after project, but actually do things that help me reach my own long-term purpose and goals?
  3. How can I work more effectively with people on my team and other teams?
  4. How do I get my teams to share more openly and transparently and finish the job on time?
  5. What kind of leadership does it take and how does one become such a leader?



Rawn Shah, Chief Strategy Officer, A stealth mode Startup & Blogs.Forbes.com/rawnshah

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