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SXSW Music 2014

New Adventures in Copyright Enforcement

Although debates about how to protect copyright online might seem soooo 2010, they certainly haven't abated. The current conversations aren't as contentious as the SOPA skirmishes, but that doesn't necessarily mean consensus. Current attempts to address piracy are taking place outside of Congress, and include efforts to establish "best practices" between stakeholders. From the recently-minted Copyright Alert System to voluntary agreements meant to curb unauthorized activity within ad networks and payment processors, new experiments in rights protection abound. What's the thinking behind the various approaches? What does a "win" look like, and what are the parameters for oversight? How can artists get involved? Experts and advocates will examine the state the play for current anti-piracy initiatives.

Speakers (so far) include:
David Lowery, (musician and songwriter, Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven

On deck:
Copyright Alert System
ISP or tech service
indie label

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  1. After so much heated debate, is there any consensus emerging?
  2. Who is involved in negotiating "voluntary agreements" to protect copyrights online?
  3. How will music consumers be affected? Will they even notice?
  4. How do artists fit in?
  5. Are these initiatives meaningful, or merely prophylactic?



Casey Rae, Interim Executive Director, Future of Music Coalition

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