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SXSW Music 2014

Stalled Revolution: Inciting Women to Leadership

Maverick female leaders helped to pave a way for women to work in the music industry. Yet there is still a huge shortage of females in leadership positions in our business. The revolution stalled and we need to get it going again. A fundamental change in power would improve the industry. Power diversity breeds a healthy, invigorating environment from which to evolve into a higher level of creativity, deal-making and industry dynamics. To create this true diversity, men and women need to come together to incite more female leadership in all areas of the industry, and treat this movement as an important social cause that can have an incredible business effect. This panel will focus on challenges confronting women in music and discuss positive solutions to inspire and create more female leadership in the industry. These women will take us through through their experiences, provide their wisdom, encourage change, and make their mark at SXSW as thought leaders in the future music industry!

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  1. Why are there not more female heads of companies and organizations in the music business? What are the statistics on how many women hold management or executive positions in business?
  2. If we had to speculate, would the music business be a better place and/or more successful possibly with more female leaders, and if so, why? Why should anyone care whether there are more female leaders in the music industry? What can gender equality bring to the industry?
  3. What are some of the challenges the panelists have personally faced, or witnessed other females facing, in the music industry due to their gender and how did they cope and/or overcome them?
  4. What advice would the panelists give to men and women working in the music industry to help empower female leadership?
  5. What are the steps we can all take and what is the solution to get a more balanced number and equal gender differentiation in leadership positions in the industry?



Neeta Ragoowansi, President, Women in Music

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