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Hyper-Personalized Marketing: Easy as 1-2-3

Even small and medium organizations can begin to use big data in a way that creates value for their customers and their own businesses. By collecting and integrating disparate data sets and using powerful algorithms to develop 360-degree profiles of each of their customers, small businesses can begin to compete with Amazon in the arena of personalization. And they can take it a step further by incorporating social media data into the mix, turbocharging personalization to the next level: hyper-personalization.

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  1. What kind of data should small and medium businesses be collecting to learn more about how to serve our customers?
  2. How does a small or medium business even begin to collect and make sense of the different customer data we have access to and/or gather?
  3. What do small/medium businesses have to do to our "big data" to add value for our customers?
  4. Can I afford to compete with Amazon in the personalization space?
  5. How would hyper-personalization manifest itself for a small/medium business?



Patricia Blair, VP-Marketing, Nectar Online Media

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  • Tags: personalization, analytics
  • Event: Interactive
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