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Simple Data: The Keys To Strategic Marketing

This talk will address and deconstruct everyone’s favorite new buzzword - Big Data - and how it applies to digital strategy and digital marketing. We will discuss how to recognize data for what it really is, how to be data-driven even if you’re not a numbers person, and most importantly, what comes after data. We’ll talk about how to organize, conceptualize and communicate information in a way that will help you to see, understand and use data to make smarter decisions and grow your business. It is merely a tool, and you can master it.
This two and a half hour long workshop breaks down digital strategy and digital marketing to its fundamental core: Why does my business exist and why do my customers care? Once established, you'll learn how to use data to answer your business' toughest problems and capitalize on new opportunities.
Strategy, Analytics, Visualization - we'll cover it all and more. Come learn about the future of digital marketing and how to prepare yourself to compete.

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Matthew Iles, Co-Founder, Nine Lines

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