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SXSW Interactive 2013

El Nuevo Gringo: Quantifying the Latino Influence

Latino influence on American culture is hard to miss. From food to fashion to entertainment, Americans are embracing Latino culture like never before. But evidence of that influence has always been solely anecdotal -- until now. In this panel, Wing and Experian Simmons will reveal the results of a first-ever study quantifying this phenomenon, The Latino Influence Project. Panelists will demonstrate how non-Hispanics are taking on more and more traditionally Hispanic attitudes and behavior when it comes to food, travel, technology use, and media consumption. Attendees will walk away with stats about the changing consumer landscape and ideas for engaging Hispanic and non-Hispanic audiences alike.

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  1. Who is being influenced by Hispanics?
  2. How are they being influenced?
  3. What does the future look like?
  4. What does this mean for marketers trying to reach this audience?
  5. How can marketers effectively engage Hispanic and non-Hispanics in a changing cultural landscape?


  • Max Kilger, Chief Behavioral Scientist , Experian Simmons
  • Andrew Speyer, VP/Managing Director, Wing


Daniel Gergely, Business Development Supervisor, Wing

Meta Information:

  • Tags: culture, diversity
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Culture and Entertainment
  • Level: Intermediate
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