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It Takes Money To Make Money: Alternative Funding

Financing shouldn't be a dirty word. It's an integral part of the music business, and perhaps the most overwrought topic facing the industry as traditional models give way to 360, equity investments, crowdfunding, self-funding, and royalty advances. But in order to truly leverage these tools, its important to understand exactly what makes each of them different, unique, and advantageous.

In this panel we break down the nuances of a variety of new finance models, and discuss the ways in which labels, artists, songwriters, and publishers can take advantage of these models to grow their business at every level, from DIY to majors. We talk about the common pitfalls of each finance type, and highlight the advantages of working outside traditional funding.

If nothing else, you should walk away knowing that there's more than one way to skin this cat. Come join us.




Mike Fabio, CMO, Lyric Financial

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