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Audit Your Soul: 10 Questions for Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs try to get inside the minds of their customers and their competition. They try to understand their motivations, their hopes, their plans. But do they understand their own minds?

“Just do it” is the entrepreneur’s motto. It’s an injunction to start something, put it out there, and stop thinking so much. Yet many entrepreneurs miss the crucial first step of the process: knowing thyself.

Entrepreneurs who pinpointed their fear of failure would perform better than those plagued by unknown terror. Entrepreneurs who understood their personality quirks could build a more cohesive team. Entrepreneurs who consciously valued independence would make completely different decisions from those who valued money.

This two and a half hour long workshop will help you work through 10 questions that all entrepreneurs should ask themselves - questions affecting how you run your company and your life. You'll be welcome to take time to reflect, then share and discuss your answers with the group.

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  1. I don't have time for introspection. Why is it worth my while?
  2. What 10 questions should all entrepreneurs ask themselves?
  3. What is my entrepreneurial personality type?
  4. What resources can help me answer these questions?
  5. Now that I know the answers, what should I do?



Kira Newman, Senior writer and editor, Tech Cocktail

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