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Music Agency of Record

In the last couple of years, something changed (so in the context of the 100 year old music and ad industries, this is very new).

Brands started to appoint Music Agencies to their rosters to work alongside all the other marketing and ad agencies already in the mix.

What does a music agency do and why did Coke, why do Nestle and how did Unilever come to demand their services? How did the ad agencies lose leadership in the music/brand space?

More to the point, what does all this mean for the music industry? Is it a good thing - does it signal more value and a brighter future? Or does it mean another middle-man to squeeze the artists?

We'd like to discuss the growth of the specialist music agency, describe the new and varying business models in operation and give some insight to a future when music is planned, bought, created and activated by specialist Music Agencies of Record.

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Daniel Jackson, CEO, Cord Worldwide Ltd

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