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5 Years of Music Hack Day

Started in 2009 by Dave Haynes and James Darling, Music Hack Day has become the gold standard of music technology events. Having grown to a worldwide, monthly event that has seen over 3500 music hacks created in over 20 cities the event is still going great guns. But, what impact has this event had on the music industry and it's connection with technology? This talk looks back at the first 5 years of Music Hack Day, from it's origins to becoming something more important and difficult to control than it's 'adhocracy' beginnings. Have these events really impacted the industry in a positive way or have the last 5 years simply seen a maturing attitude towards technologies place in the music industry? We'll look at the successes, the hacks that blew people's minds and what influence so many events with such as passionate audience have had on changing the relationship between music and tech.

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  1. What is Music Hack Day and what exactly about the event has made it so popular month-on-month, year-on-year?
  2. Has Music Hack Day had a positive impact on the music industry?
  3. Have there been any outright successes created at Music Hack Days that can be held up as a shining example of the worth of the event?
  4. What is the music industry view on the worth of the event, do they love it and what exactly do they think the event achieves?
  5. Where does Music Hack Day go from here and what does the future hold for the event, how it is run and how people get involved?



Martyn Davies, Central Coordinator, Music Hack Day

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