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We're Moving to Detroit, and So Should You

In the SXSW 2013 opening keynote, Bre Pettis said, "When you combine friendship plus tools, you can make anything." He did that in his NYC loft. Next year, Lowe Campbell Ewald will move 600+ employees to a city that just filed for bankruptcy. Why? To make its loft. Despite what you might read in the media, Detroit is quickly becoming rich in creativity, innovation and inspiration. With tech investors like Detroit Venture Partners, it's becoming easy for startups to create an opportunity. And in Detroit, everything needs help, so there are endless opportunities. With a "we're all in this together" mentality, everyone is becoming friends and utilizing their skills to not only help one another, but define Detroit's future. Whether you're a designer, an innovator, an entrepreneur or an investor. The talent is moving to Detroit. And so should you.

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  1. Can you provide examples of the types of interactive companies that are starting up, or moving to Detroit? This session will discuss the companies that have succeeded in Detroit in recent years, where they’ve come from and the audiences they target. The variety of demographics, services and capabilities will be outlined, showcasing the vast industries that can be housed in Detroit.
  2. What kind of talent can I expect to find in Detroit? Iain will talk about Detroit’s appeal to young creatives and entrepreneurs and how the diversity in people and talents are flourishing in an unexpected place.
  3. Why would I choose to start my tech business in Detroit, over more known communities such as Silicon Valley? This session will outline the possibilities that Detroit’s unique situation presents to tech leaders, and why the city should be considered alongside more common startup locations.
  4. What does Detroit have to offer other than a large automotive industry? The area is known for being the birthplace of the automobile, and while Detroiters are proud of its history, the innovation in this city has extended way beyond its automotive roots. This session will describe the various industries that make up Detroit and illustrate other claims to fame.
  5. What kind of grassroots initiatives are in place to help young creatives or entrepreneurs get started in Detroit? A mentor to young creatives himself, Iain will describe the various tools and resources Detroit has to offer to fresh, aspiring minds. Detroit wants to succeed. It wants to house young minds. And as Iain will explain, it offers plenty of resources to help people get it done.



Mary Evans, PR & Communications Specialists, Lowe Campbell Ewald

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