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SXSW Interactive 2013

Your Refrigerator Will Be a Mobile Device

Mobile isn't just the web. Mobile app use now beats out web consumption in minutes per day, and in just one year, the average number of apps per device has gone from 32 to 41 (source: Nielsen). We're seeing a similar explosion of tablet ownership and "casual computing," including tablet use during TV viewing. But mobile also includes smart TVs that let us chat, share, and surf while we watch. Mobile includes smart digital signage and in-store kiosks that bring new information and experiences into our lives. It also includes smart appliances, and wearables, which are accessories that extend and enhance device experiences.

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  1. What can brands do now to prepare for a world where mobile means much more than phones, browsers and tablets?
  2. What are the challenges in an ever-increasing mobile world for brands?
  3. How can brands incorporate mobile technology throughout the customer experience?
  4. What are the latest innovations in wearable accessories?
  5. What brands and retailers are getting mobile right in terms of making our lives easier and simpler?



Amy Hayes, Director of Communications, Bazaarvoice

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  • Event: Interactive
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