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Designing the $100 Billion Music Business


The music business turnaround is happening despite continued drop in music sales. Non-unit based income is driving this growth. Revenue from new sectors like performance (SoundExchange), rev share (YouTube) and subscription (Spotify) are driving this turnaround.

To grow the music business in a world of only 300 million music buyers, we must tap the 5 billion who do not buy music.

How do we do this? The only way is to include all of the world’s music in every connected device, mobile phone, car, TV and game console and monetize the artist/fan relationship wherever possible. These and other new revenue centers can take the music business from $23 Billion to $100 B in the next decade.

Join our esteemed group of industry luminaries leading the charge to new revenues that will drive more investment in artists, and a more profitable music industry for everyone in the business.

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  1. What is the future of performance collections and payments to artists from SoundExchange and can the rest of the world catch up?
  2. XBOX Music offers music subscriptions to the television and Windows 8 phones. What must happen to include music subscriptions in all new mobile devices and connected televisions?
  3. YouTube has created new opportunities for artist exposure while also producing new revenues. What is the ultimate revenue potential for on-line music video?
  4. What is the future of music in the mobile phone and how can it unlock greater revenues for the music business in both the traditional music markets and the emerging nations?
  5. Which will the most important gatekeepers in unlocking this bigger music business, the device manufacturers (cars, TVs, mobile phones, consoles) or Internet Service Providers/Telco's (Verizon, ATT, Vodaphone, Telefonica, Bharti Airtel, China Mobile), the software companies (Spotify, Rhapsody, Muve, Deezer, Slacker) or the music labels (Indies, Warner, Sony, Universal)?



Peter Schwinge, General Manager, New Music Seminar

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