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Discovering Accessible Learning Resources


Digital learning tools bring us closer to meeting the learning needs of every child. Tools can assess prior learning, give extra practice, and engage children through their interests. Students can access their textbooks, interactive activities, and practice anytime and nearly anywhere. Some learners, however, have physical and learning disabilities that require specific supports (accessibility) so they too can benefit from digital learning. Once supports are in place, educators and learners must be able to find them! In 2013, global accessibility and education experts met to propose descriptive metadata (Learning Resources Metadata Initiative) to make accessible content easier to find. We will show tools that use the new metadata and discuss their potential for improving the lives of students with physical and learning disabilities. We will also discuss how to create accessible content that is easy to find (born digital, born accessible) and show an editor that helps authors do so.

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  1. What accessibility features are needed by students with disabilities?
  2. What tools enable you to search for learning resources based on their accessibility features?
  3. How can I create and tag accessible learning resources using rich snippets to make them discoverable based on their educational intents and accessibility features?


  • Gerardo Capiel, VP Engineering, Benetech
  • Michael Jay, President, Educational Systemics
  • Kathi Fletcher, Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow,


Gerardo Capiel, VP Engineering, Benetech

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