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SXSW Interactive 2014

Stolen from Geeks: How We’ll All Wear Tech

“Peacock, password peacock,” said Fred Armisen on SNL, as he unsuccessfully commanded his glasses to log into Seth Meyers’ email. Hilarious, but it raises the question of how smart technology can make life easier than the old way of doing things.

The potential for wearable computing goes beyond geeks...

Imagine walking through the airport and not having to reach in your pocket for your smartphone – or consult something as antiquated as an airport monitor. Instead all your flight details are superimposed on the surroundings through your field of vision: your gate is up ahead 200 feet on the right, boarding in 10 minutes. Time for a quick coffee!

Pedometer be gone! Tracking steps has come a long way, baby. A sleek bracelet can uncover disruptive sleep patterns and motivate you to get up and move.

Join us for a lively discussion on the role of wearable computing in everyday life, and how technologists, entrepreneurs and developers can solve actual problems for real people.

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  1. What are the business considerations for developers considering whether or not to integrate their apps with wearable devices?
  2. It's getting hot in here! The wearables space is certainly heating up. How can I remain differentiated from other various players and my direct competitors also entering the space?
  3. I have a crazy idea for a wearable. As an entrepreneur at the idea stage, where do I begin? How do I decide between creating hardware on my own, or building on an existing (or forthcoming) platform? What are the pros and cons to each approach?
  4. Besides travel – and the proliferation of health/fitness solutions – what other areas are begging for wearables innovation? What are some problems we face everyday that would be solved by a wearable app?
  5. From Glass to watches and beyond, this field is constantly changing, with revolutionary new products being introduced – or rumored about – at a crazy fast clip. How can your company adapt to this volatile landscape and stay relevant and compatible with the latest innovations? How can you build a product roadmap or prepare your developers for platforms that don't yet exist?


  • Barry Padgett, Executive Vice President, TripIt and Concur Traveler Services, TripIt


Barry Padgett, Executive Vice President, TripIt and Concur Traveler Services, TripIt

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  • Track: Fashion and Wearable Technology
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