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Experience Transformed: Beyond UXD

In the last decade, designers have brought human experience to the forefront of their research and practice. However, while the importance of experience has been emphasized, there has been little written on what experience actually means, how to work with it, or how to truly engage with the experiences of others when designing.

Building on his solo talk at SXSW 2013 (Beyond UXD: Transforming Experience through Design) Daniel Rosenberg, with Christine Outram, bring you a hands-on, four hour long workshop that combines physical computing and prototyping with Buddhist techniques (Skandha). Together we will examine how the concept of "experience" can be attended to, expressed, and shared when we design. Working collaboratively and using a range of electronic devices, we will then develop an open-ended experience-based design process that can elevate your every day work and practice.

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Daniel Rosenberg, Researcher , MIT

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