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What Really Belongs on your Artist Site?


My Digital Backstage: What Really Belongs on an Artist Web Site. We are bringing together the amazing minds in the music industry who work day to day on developing engaging artist sites for today's brightest musicians . Some the sites managed and developed by our speakers include Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, Paramore, Bruno Mars, and Black Sabbath. This panel will be a roundtable to discuss best practices for what belongs on an artist web site and how to engage a fan digitally beyond just pushing them back to social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is a unique opportunity to hear what worked over the last year in specific web site campaigns at several top record labels. And how technically complex it is it to pull off something great with the myriad of plug ins available for an artist site. Represented top digital media executives from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, artist managers from George Clinton, and technologists from Digital Music.Org, and Acquia.

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  1. What are the components that really engage fans on an artist web site beyond the simple blog, forum, and social links to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
  2. How do I drive fans back from social channels and keep them on the artist site?
  3. How technical is to create something that is really engaging and unique on an artist sites?
  4. What are some of the cool add on tools and plug ins digital media teams are adding to the artist sites they are charged with managing?
  5. Discuss one digital marketing campaign you executed for one of the artists you manage a site for in the past year, and how you utilized the site to launch the campaign and keep fans engaged.



Chuck Fishman, Media, Entertainment, and Publishing Director, Acquia

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