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SXSW Interactive 2014

How To Build Culture In A Distributed Company

There's a misconception about distributed companies: that in order to work for one you have to work remotely, or alone. While there may be thousands of miles between you and your colleagues, it is our belief that these companies can be as close-knit, effective, and serendipitous as those under one roof. Currently, we all work for (or have worked for) companies that are purposely spread out, and we are always finding new ways to meaningfully connect our team. For this panel, subjects will flow from the pragmatic: "how do you brainstorm without a whiteboard?" to the harder ones: "how do you celebrate successes when you're miles apart?" Bring your questions and yourself, because we can't skype you in for this one.

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  1. How do you brainstorm without a whiteboard? How do you solicit or respond to ideas from across your company?
  2. How do you celebrate success? What kind of milestones bring your company together?
  3. How do cross-functional teams get created and function?
  4. What do all-hands meetings look like and how often do they take place?
  5. How often do employees come together in person, for social reasons or for work?



Mischa Nachtigal, Product, Upworthy

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