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SXSW Interactive 2014

Lessons From the Top 100 Brands on YouTube

Why are the world’s top 100 global brands embracing YouTube? It’s simple; that’s where the consumers are. The presenters conducted one of the most thorough and comprehensive reports on the use of both YouTube and online video by the top 100 global brands. They collected data from 1,378 YouTube channels and 258,000 videos with more than 9.5 billion aggregate views. The data is striking, indicating major shifts in how these world's best-known companies market, advertise, reach and engage their audience, customers, partners, employees, and prospects on YouTube. More importantly, the presenters will share seven key critical steps done by the best marketers from the study. The presenters will also have updated data for the SXSW audience.

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  1. You challenge brands that put television commercial on YouTube, claiming it doesn't work. Why don't television commercials, even great ones, work on YouTube?
  2. Social media has gone from a heroine to a has-been in many marketing circles, but the report takes a very contrarian stand. Will YouTube lead to a resurrection of effective social media? If so, how?
  3. Just because you're a top 100 global brand, doesn't mean you do YouTube right. Your report covers some egregious marketing problems. Why do these problems exist and is there anyone to blame?
  4. The study distills 7 best practices on the use of YouTube and online video, addressing production, marketing, and advertising. Even if you're not a top 100 global brand, you can compete against them effectively on YouTube. How can that be?
  5. You've now collected data for several years. Are there distinct trends emerging?


  • Rob Ciampa, Chief Marketing Officer, Pixability
  • Andreas Goeldi, Chief Technology Officer, Pixability


Laura Ciampa, Marketing Manager, Pixability

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