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SXSW Music 2014

Compulsory Licenses and Online Music

Online music service royalties have become one of the hot topics of the day--from the debate over interactive streaming payouts from services like Spotify to online radio royalties paid by Pandora or the new iTunes Radio. All of this controversy raises broader questions about the role of "compulsory licenses"--licenses set by law--in the music business today.

This panel will bring together advocates for artists, online music services, and consumers to talk about the advantages or disadvantages of compulsory licenses and to make suggestions for the role of compulsory licenses to the future of the online music business.

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  1. What is the role of compulsory licensing in today's music space? Who uses them and why?
  2. Why would a musician like or dislike a compulsory license? How does a compulsory license impact artists' leverage?
  3. How do online music services decide whether to use a compulsory license or negotiate directly with labels or publishers?
  4. How do compulsory licenses impact independent artists? How do they impact new music services?
  5. Should compulsory licenses be more restricted than they are today? Should they be expanded to new uses like interactive streaming? What balance works best for music services, artists, and listeners?



Jodie Griffin, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Knowledge

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