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Wearing Big Data

It’s official: Hardware is back. More than ever before, technology is about the experience—a seamless integration of hardware, software and the world around us. Consumers now demand a new, better experience with every product they buy; a contextually-rich experience relying on the interconnectedness of hardware and software. Companies, regardless of industry, are now in the business of selling new experiences, relying on the ability to access invaluable customer insights that data-driven devices can yield.

With the launch of Google Glass and Apple’s iWatch, we’re seeing a new development in wearable technology that has the potential to not only transform our experiences as consumers, but also transform entire industries with the data these devices collect. This panel will look specifically at the health, retail and entertainment industries, uncovering the implications of this next generation of data-driven devices for consumers and just how drastic the change in experience can be.

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  1. How can we design a natural user experience around the collection and analysis of data that returns valuable, pervasive insight, without being invasive?
  2. Is wearable hardware necessary--or beneficial--for generating personal data; are there other ways to collect the data?
  3. How can Big Data benefit social interaction: does constant connectivity and data generation enable an experience consumers want to be a part of?
  4. Who owns the data that’s being collected, how are companies keeping it secure, and should they be accountable to the users for how the data is used?
  5. What are the consumer implications of the next generation of data-driven devices, and will the change in experience be drastic enough to influence user behavior?



Mark Giles, Digital Media & Marketing, Synapse Product Development

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