SXSW Interactive 2014

You Have a Face For . . . Podcasting

Video has become the cornerstone of most digital strategies – from individuals to small companies to big businesses. But does that mean that other mediums are on the decline or relics of the past?
Podcasting, once a disruptive force itself in a world of radio, is now faced with the rise of video-driven YouTube personalities. This panel, moderated by Conal Byrne, Vice President of Digital Media at Discovery Communications, will feature well-known podcasters with Chuck Bryant, (Stuff You Should Know), Nate DiMeo (The Memory Palace) and Griffin McElroy (The Besties) and will explore the rise of podcasting, its current state and what the future might hold.

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  1. Why has podcasting become as popular as it has?
  2. What are the keys to building a successful podcast?
  3. Are podcasts and video mutually exclusive?
  4. What does podcasting allow that other mediums do not or do to a lesser degree?
  5. Is podcasting on the rise or on its way out?



Anna Kowalczyk, Publicity Assistant, Digital Communications & Social Media, Discovery Communications

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