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SXSWedu 2014

Flip It, Flip It Good!

As teachers seek to create opportunities for experiential and collaborative learning, there is a growing national body of research from major teaching institutions that points to improved learning outcomes in flipped classrooms.
Teachers can radically modernize and improve their classrooms that combine new technology and new teaching methods to personalize and inspire learning for the digital generation. It’s time for teachers and students to Flip It, Flip It Good. Our panel will focus on sharing the key elements, resources, and shared best practices to distil the abundance of information into a “Flip It” guide, that teachers can use as a framework for harmonizing these concepts into their classrooms.
Silverback Learning and Gooru’s panel discussion will include data collected from three currently active districts with various socio-economic backgrounds as well as research that supports the need for developing personalized learning methods for each and every student.

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  1. Our panel members will give an overview and answer questions about mobile technology trends in the classroom, which enables students to achieve the best learning outcomes desired. Discussions will be around Teachers Apps that have also allowed teachers to create a “flipped classroom,” and free online resources that work instead of lecturing in class, teachers record lessons and assign kids to watch the videos for homework.
  2. How to support active learning classrooms? Everything from free online resources like Gooru, an online search engine for learning, to other interactive elements and instructional strategies will be demonstrated by the panel. Heck, we’ll even get into discussions about how furniture can enable active learning and collaboration and also the flexibility to have a traditional classroom with elements of a flipped classroom will be explored. We will also examine outcomes and accountability.
  3. Are you a teacher that often dreads the same ole same ole in the fall and wants to re-energize the classroom? Or are you a teacher that often asks the same question every September “Whoops, where did my lesson go? The panel members will discuss how to create a learning environment that is useful and personally meaningful to your students but won’t make you literally Flip Out all year long! It’s about personalizing resources for all kids and efficiencies in the classroom.



Cherie Le Penske, PR Consultant, Silverback Learning Solutions & Gooru

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  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel Discussion
  • Track: Best Practices & Implementation
  • Level: Intermediate
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