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Build the perfect YouTube presence with channels

We all know YouTube is the best place to upload your music videos. But knowing that is just the basics. If you want to optimise promotion and revenue opportunities, you need to know about channels.

Multi-channel networks or MCNs are hot news. Labels and/or artists sign their channels up to MCNs to get the double-whammy of higher ad revenue AND promotion and cross-promotion by the MCN’s experts. But some labels choose not to use MCNs - why?

Another approach using channels to optimise YouTube presence is to have videos featured in a curated Music Channel like UKF or Noisey. The best Music Channels have millions of subscribers and deliver instant exposure. We look at the pros and cons of upload to these tastemakers.

Labels and independent artists attending this panel will learn terminology, best practise and what to avoid in channel management. We also cover associated opportunities and the future of managing YouTube channels.




Caroline Bottomley, Managing Director, RadarMusicVideos

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