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SAMR SLAMR: Maximizing Learning Potential in Apps

Beware! This is no ordinary panel. Get ready to be SAMR'd!

An app like any other tool is just an app. The ability to transform learning lies in the hands of the educator who designs the learning experience using those apps. The SAMR model measures the impact of technology on learning. Join us for a showdown where great learning apps will be moved up the SAMR model to their maximum potential.  

The session will begin with an introduction to the SAMR model and its potential for engaging learners with technology as the catalyst. Once different levels have been established, the presenters will provide examples and the progression through each level. Then the fun begins in an entertaining “SAMR SLAMR” where presenters will select a lesson idea and battle to see who can take their activity to the highest level. After the “Slam”, the audience will become active participants working together to give lessons a “punch” applying their new skill of elevating learning to new heights.

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Gabriella Meyers, K-12 Instructional Technology Consultant, Utica Community Schools

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