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SXSW Music 2014

Will Artists Make Money on Big Music Platforms?

In the last few years, several large music listening platforms have emerged as leaders – giving iTunes a serious run for its money. BandPage, SoundCloud, Pandora, and Spotify have achieved record growth in listeners, but what about the artists? Do these platforms compensate artists any better than iTunes does? Come find out during a frank discussion and debate between representatives from the largest music platforms, moderated by a veteran music-tech investor. Discuss the future of music distribution and monetization – and how changing revenue such as subscriptions and free-to-listen models will impact artists.

MODERATOR: Hany Nada, founding partner, GGV Capital

PANELISTS: J. Sider, CEO of Bandpage; Alex White, CEO of Next Big Sound; Alexander Ljung, CEO of SoundCloud

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  1. What’s next in monetization models for the music industry and how can artists benefit from the newest music platforms?
  2. Will artists be more or less compensated in the next decade?
  3. How will the new music platforms make money from new concepts such as direct-to-fan engagement and “whales, dolphins, and minnows” – and percentage of profits will go to artists?
  4. What will fans be willing to pay for music ‘experiences’ that involve extra content, live events, or other benefits above music downloads?
  5. What are the newest music distribution startups and which are attracting funding from top investors?



Hany Nada, founding partner, GGV Capital

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