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Autism APPtitude: Using Apps to Target Skills


Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism, a complex neurobiological disorder typically characterized by communication, social, and behavioral delays. Much media attention has focused on the power of tablet technology for communication, especially for those who cannot express themselves. Less discussed, but just as life-changing are apps that can be leveraged to address significant learning difficulties for people with Autism, including social interaction, engagement, organizational skills and transitions. Panelists will discuss how apps can effectively target skill development and harness strengths for those who need flexible modes of learning. Panelists will also examine the growing need for exceptional app development that allows users to create and customize content, track data, and monitor progress. A variety of apps and their target uses will be addressed and each panelist will weigh in on app features that benefit those with social, behavioral, and communication delays.

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  1. What kind of options do apps offer for people with learning differences to express themselves in non-traditional ways?
  2. Which features should I include in the development of an app that most benefit people with Autism?
  3. How can I adapt an app to use in an educational way to target skills?
  4. What are some real world examples of positive outcomes that apps and mobile devices have had on people with Autism?
  5. How can apps be used to help improve social interaction?



Evan Jones, Marketing & Development Assoc., BridgingApps

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