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Innovation+Social Media in the classroom= NOW!

How do you create a culture of innovation in our schools? I thought about this, and after watching Daniel Pink's TED talk, I decided to start a class that is starting a movement.
In short, I want to talk about (hopefully with my students as panalists) how you can get innovative by using project based learning, harnessing social media for collaboration and also communication on his/her results, all while still hitting the Common Core. We have a deliberate process which we call backward design, and are starting to collaborate with some truly A-list people. This year we have worked with Daniel Pink, several CEOs, tech start-ups in Seattle, as well as other countries like China, Africa, and Australia.
I teach in a public school, so I want to show educators how you can find freedom, and get innovative, and still make the admin happy by covering the Common Core in creative ways.
I have been presenting our class at conferences all over the US, and now Europe. I would LOVE to be at SXSW!

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Don Wettrick, Teacher, Franklin Community Schools

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