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Building a new community in a Maker's world

Maker fairs and maker spaces have been a trend for the past two years. This panel talks about how a Fargo and Boulder group of individuals teamed to bring new ideas to an emerging community.
Ludvik Herrera, a creative director, adjunct instructor and parent has a vision for the young community in the Fargo and surrounding area. What in his experience works, and does not. Navigating through the educational system in the area and how the idea for a multi-generational and multi-disciplinary creative workshops is a great approach to teaching and community engagement with a fantastic outcome, innovation.
Ludvik teamed up with the SparkFun Education group to teach some of these workshops. They will outline a number of approaches they've seen in other places, big and small, and they will share what they saw in Fargo and what they took away.
Out of these activities one wonderful thing happened, parents and organizations are joining together to see youth invested in their education.

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Ludvik Herrera, Creative Director, NDSU Distance and Continuing Education

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