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Your Music. Their Video. Your Money.

Video platforms are the fastest growing outlet for delivering streaming music in the world. Every minute, millions of new videos are uploaded and viewed. Music plays a crucial part for almost 75% of these videos. How is this music being used and paid for? What are the benefits and pitfalls to these emerging video platforms? This panel will explore some of the challenges in monetizing music on video platforms and opportunities to track and collect on it. Your Music. Their Video. Your money.


  1. Music makers and copyright owners have many misconceptions about how their music can and can't be used on the Internet - especially on websites like YouTube and other sites where user generated content is monetized. What are the biggest misconceptions that music people have and what is it costing them?
  2. How does placing ads around video content change and effect the user experience? Should these sites charge a fee to have the option of having NO ads? To Whom should the money go to?
  3. Some musicians think that video monetization is only for the "big" artists that have hundreds of thousands or millions of views. Is this a business model where larger artists are seeing more revenue at the expense of the smaller artists? Is this view wrong? How can less popular and less known artists better monetize their content?
  4. To YouTube's own admission, their content ID system captures approximately 60% of music being played on YouTube. What are some of the ways to capture the 40% being left on the table? TuneSat audio recognition technology has the ability to pick up the other 40% due to their robust algorithm. How are rights holders and/or YouTube able to utilize other audio recognition tools such as TuneSat to increase their revenue streams.
  5. There has been an industry shift with regard to public and social media monetization where traditional license fees are being replaces by revenue share models. Where is music licensing and video monetization going in the next 2 years?



Melissa Goodman, VP Business Development , TuneSat

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