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SXSW Music 2014

Fashion + Rock n' Roll: A Timeless Bond

Whether through social media, TV spots or festival partnerships, fashion brands are using music to connect with consumers now more than ever before. And as the music and fashion worlds continue to collide, brands, musicians, photographers, record labels and ad agencies will learn to harmonize accordingly. In this session, Stephen Niedzwiecki, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of creative agency YARD sits down with premiere rock music photographer and documentary filmmaker Danny Clinch, to discuss how fashion brands can create authentic partnerships between celebrities and musicians – and what the future holds for the intertwining music scene and fashion world.

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  1. How can fashion brands leverage celebrities and musicians for advertising campaigns in a truly authentic way?
  2. What does the near-term future of music in collaboration with fashion brands look like?
  3. Which fashion brands are getting it right? Which ones are missing the mark?
  4. What had led to the 8+-year success of the “Rock ‘n Roll Gentleman” campaign, created by John Varvatos, YARD and Danny Clinch?
  5. How did a shared passion for rock and roll forge an 8+-year friendship and working relationship between a creative agency, a fashion designer and a photographer/film director?


  • Stephen Niedzwiecki, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, YARD
  • Danny Clinch, Photographer/Filmmaker, Danny Clinch


Stephen Niedzwiecki, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, YARD

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