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Print is Amazing ( Profitable!)

Everyone knows print is dead. We get news on Twitter and analysis from blogs while more newspapers and magazines fold each year. And yet, some publications stubbornly refuse to abandon paper. Heck, a small number of publishers are even launching new titles in this deadest of dead mediums. And here's the truly shocking part: they're doing so at a profit. What these publishers understand is that print is amazing. It fills certain needs—scratches certain itches—that digital content will never fill. And these needs are so strong that consumers are willing to pay premium prices to satisfy them. The next generation of successful print publications will be lead by publishers, technologists, editors, designers, and journalists who approach the the vintage craft of paper journalism in a revolutionary way. The future of print isn't about clinging to what worked yesterday—it's about inventing what will work tomorrow. What does that future look like? We have some ideas.




Jessanne Collins, executive editor, mental_floss

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