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SXSW Interactive 2014

What the Fuck Do Recruiters Know?

What the Fuck do recruiters know? They know most of you have no freaking shot at ever being in a management position, but all of you think you want to be and can be. They know your too fat and too ugly to have a great career – but you have zero self-insight and think ‘that stuff really shouldn’t matter’ – when it does to those making the decisions. Recruiters know that they don’t have to know your job, to find someone better to replace you. Recruiters know nothing about what you do – and they’re completely fine with that – but you’re not. Recruiters know how to get shit done in your organization and what buttons to push to get stuff over the finish line.

The gang from America’s Snarkiest HR and Recruitment Blog – Fistful of Talent (http://fistfuloftalent.com) – takes the filters off and shows you that the shit that recruiters know.

Session synopsis: Recruiters don’t know shit, except some shit you want to know, come and get to know their shit and you’ll be the shit.

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  1. Why your lame ass will never get a job at your dream company?
  2. How do I ace the psycho interview?
  3. How ‘pretty’ do I have to be to really work where I want?
  4. The secret weight limit that every hiring manager has for new hires?
  5. Will having sex with the boss (or other senior executive) actually help my career?



William Tincup, Contributing Writer, Fistful of Talent

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