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How Gamification Can Bring Back Desires to Learn


There’s a lot of potential in the field of Education Gamification. Humans have an innate Desire to learn. However, much of the current school systems “get in the way of our education.”

If you ask children, “What is work?” They will say, “School and homework!!” But if you ask them, “What is play?” Many of them will say, “Video/games!!”

Clearly there should be a way to help kids learn from what they do best – play. This is why many educators are looking into a variety of new tools and techniques in Education Gamification.

Yu-kai Chou, a Top 3 Rated Gamification Guru and Regular Stanford University Lecturer will talk about how Gamification is far more than "Points, Badges, Leaderboards" and present his gamification framework Octalysis, which has been utilized successfully in the education world.

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  1. Why are kids unengaged in school these days and why can't they focus on anything anymore?
  2. Why do kids that can't focus on anything wake up 2AM in the morning to play video games behind their parents' back for hours?
  3. How do we learn from video games to make learning and education just as engaging and rewarding?



Yu-kai Chou, Partner, Enterprise Gamification Consultancy

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