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In the Trenches with K-12 Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a process that at its best is a beautiful mess. Implemented in schools students gain the benefits of seeing change happen, leading through group-life paradox, and understanding the value of empathy in problem-solving. Human-centered problem solving requires an immense investment of time and a culture open to embracing the mess.

Both of these are challenges for educators.

This panel offers teachers, education professionals, and industry leaders a glimpse into the culture of schools and organizations that are in the process of holistically implementing Design Thinking into their culture. The panelists see design thinking as a norm, rather than a method in the way students and leaders engage their world to see hope realized. The roads they have journeyed are adorned with moments of clarity and success, while also navigating the bumps and turns of failup experiences.

The panelists include #dtk12 thinkers @treyboden, @jennzia, @lindseyown, and @WickedDecent .

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Trey Boden, Digital Life Teacher, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

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