SXSW Music 2013

Herding Cats: New Digital Management for Artists

In today's music management and marketing environment every single aspect of a career must be incorporated into the digital space. A solid music marketer must coordinate the strategies of the overall management team, labels, PR, booking agents and talent agents into one solid strategic agenda while still keeping the artists voice loud and clear. Digital Managers integrate innovative online experiences, unique marketing campaigns, direct-to-fan management, platform integration, content creation, tour marketing and utilization of new technologies. The new digital manager moves far beyond social media management into a complete online presence strategy with a focus on social capitol and new revenue streams.

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  1. How do you manage multiple agenda's into one cohesive online strategy?
  2. Logistics: How to use calendars, documents, digital platforms to coordinate multiple efforts.
  3. How do you work specifically with the Artist to make sure their voice is heard through the clutter?
  4. What do you look for in new platforms to help with social capitol and new revenue streams?
  5. Is there room for more "Digital Managers" who work directly with the artist or management? What are the qualifications?



Rynda Laurel, CEO, Digital Manager, 1968media

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