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SXSW Interactive 2014

The Sharing Economy 2.0

Until recently, collaborative consumption primarily revolved around peer-to-peer transactions. In the past year, smart companies have taken notice of the possibilities for their businesses to take part as consumers in the sharing economy. This has opened the doors for a new era in collaborative consumption and is bringing the sharing economy into the daily lives of millions of people. Jeremiah Owyang, an industry analyst and partner at Altimeter Group, and Mark Gilbreath, founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, will speak about the evolution of the sharing economy, why collaborative consumption startups are increasingly considering enterprises as customers, and how companies in this space can effectively serve both consumer and corporate audiences.

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  1. How and why is collaborative consumption evolving beyond individual peer-to-peer transactions to include businesses as customers?
  2. When is it right, and when is it not, to consider businesses a customer target?
  3. How does a company that has been focused on peer-to-peer or individual transactions evolve to effectively target large companies?
  4. Will the entrance of businesses as consumers in the sharing economy change the dynamic that currently exists within the space?
  5. What does the future of the sharing economy look like?



Mark Gilbreath, Founder/CEO, LiquidSpace

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