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Actionable Gamification - Beyond Points and Badges


While talks on theory and the promise of Gamification run rampant, very few of them provide the necessary tools to turn knowledge into action that deliver a strong Return on Investment for companies. As a Gamification Pioneer and International Keynote Speaker (including regular guest lecturing at universities such as Stanford University), Yu-Kai Chou explains the reason why so many gamification campaigns fail and introduces the Complete Gamification Framework: Octalysis to use as a tool to implement Gamification design for any process. Octalysis is based on the premise that just having “game elements” does not necessarily make something fun, which is why most games are not successful. Instead of focusing on game elements like PBLs (Points, Badges, and Leaderboards), Octalysis breaks down motivation into 8 Core Drives that compel and motivate people to engage and learn through game techniques.

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  1. What is Gamification and why it should be called "Human-Focused Design"
  2. Why do most gamification campaigns fail and what's wrong with slapping on points, badges, and leaderboards?
  3. What is a useful framework to analyze and implement good gamification design?
  4. What are real life examples of utilizing actionable gamification techniques that provided an ROI?
  5. How can I bring home this knowledge and apply it to my own products or services?



Yu-kai Chou, Partner, Enterprise Gamification Consultancy

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