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Building Better Web Apps with Angular.js

The best web apps handle dynamic data with grace and ease. But in order to get the job done, front-end developers often end up with a clunky DOM and spaghetti JS. In this two and a half hour long workshop, we'll show you how to solve these problems using Angular.js. Angular is a mature front-end framework that keeps your HTML clean and takes all the effort out of keeping your pages in sync with constantly refreshing data. We'll show you the ropes of Angular and you'll leave our session with a working app that leverages real-time data updates and advanced JavaScript techniques for both desktop and mobile. You'll also learn about concepts like "bidirectional data binding" and "declarative programming", which not only make you sound smart but also make you a valuable asset to any dev team looking to build modern code for a modern web.




Katrina Bekessy, Director, Technology and Design, R/GA

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