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Stop.Collaborate&Listen: Teachers&Edtech Team Up

Who knows education better than the teachers and students living it each day? Edtech’s best product development collaborators currently lead and learn together in classrooms all around the world. And they’re eager to help, because they want great edtech too! Edtech, are you ready to listen? Teachers, get ready to talk! Stephanie Cerda, Elementary Teacher & Edcamp Austin co-organizer, and Ben Stern, Middle School Tech Integrationist/Ponder Academic Liaison, will support educator and entrepreneur participants in gettin’ it together. These two expert educators and edtech enthusiasts will facilitate a feedback loop via round-table style, 3-minute company demos followed by a 45 min session for educators to spend time w/ individual startups. Teams will work together to more deeply understand school needs and will work collaboratively to “tweak” the process, pitch, and produce ideas to create a better fit between startup and classroom to ultimately improve learning outcomes for kids!

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Stephanie Cerda, Teacher, The University of Texas Elementary School

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