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Headset Evolution & The Wearable Future

Head-Worn Devices (HWDs) like Google Glass are the ultimate wearable computing technology. With historical use in the arenas of gaming, augmented reality, healthcare, training, and defense, HWDs are now gaining acceptance in popular culture. New HWDs like the Vuzix's Smart Glasses and the Oculus Rift and are changing the way the way we record our lives, access our data, and communicate to others. In the future, they'll even help us control our homes and cars. In this session, two HWD industry and academic veterans provide an overview of this amazing and often surprising product category. We'll bring real examples and discuss how HWDs have evolved over time. We'll also highlight the bleeding-edge technology that is changing the game in the HWD market and how these devices will reshape our perceptions and change our world.

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Leigh Durst, CXO, Live Path, Strategist / Event Producer for IEEE

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