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SXSW Film 2014

Piracy - Are filmmakers doomed?

A year ago, OATMEAL published a brilliant comic that showed how an earnest consumer turned to the Dark Side, pirating GAME OF THRONES (the most pirated show in history) even though they didn’t want to. Yet that fictional earnest consumer-turned-pirate represents the minority: most people, it seems, look to free and illegal options first. Piracy threatens to put us all out of business—what can be done?
Sundance Institute staffer Chris Horton moderates this important panel with a surprise lineup of leading industry experts. The event will feature perspectives from filmmakers, direct-to-fan platforms, torrent sites, festival programmers, and studio heads.

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  1. Is there a tech solution on the horizon? Napster was created via code—can’t anti-pirating tools be created as well?
  2. Why isn’t there more urgency showed by the studios?
  3. Could there be a silver lining to piracy?
  4. What are the real numbers in terms of studio losses due to piracy?
  5. As broadband speeds increase, will piracy increase?



Missy Laney, Assistant, #ArtistServices, Sundance Institute

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