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Web Content: Discover. Collect. Share. What Next?

Traditionally, a “curator” describes one who organizes paintings, sculptures and other tangible objects in an art museum. Today however, we are all “curators” – of music, videos, photos and other content we find online. With so many content sources on the Web today, it can feel overwhelming to navigate the “noise” and find what you’re looking for. As a result, various aggregation tools – such as the ever-popular Pinterest and video sites like myTwonky – have emerged to help streamline the discovery process and connect people around common interests. How will this idea of “social curation” continue to evolve?

This “Core Conversation,” led by Jerome Rota, who manages PacketVideo’s suite of consumer products (including myTwonky), will offer a platform for attendees to discuss how today’s technologies and social networks are fueling “social curation.” Participants will be prompted to offer opinions and insight into how this trend is affecting both content creation and consumer behavior.

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Ali Pearson, Account Coordinator, SHIFT Communications

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