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Feature-Based Marketing

Feature Marketing is a new concept. We made it up.

We repeatedly encounter clients who want to improve "stuff", but they don't know what "stuff" or how. Feature Marketing the idea of first identifying your key business drivers. Is it email? Is it subscriptions? Checkouts? But that's easy. People already know about this.

The key is then to figure out how do we create a feature on our site, in our app, in our process or marketing automation flow, that accomplishes two things:
1) Provide the users with something they want
2) Make sure that feature is reliant upon a piece of data or process important to your marketing efforts

Let users are effectively opt-in to your most effective marketing processes in order to get something that makes them happy or improves their experience.

There's a meme-ish thing going around right now that says "marketing is the product." While that's debatable, I dig the sentiment. In that vein, what we're saying is that "the feature is your marketing."


  1. How can I expand my marketing activities in an effective way? I feel like I'm constantly doing more and not getting any real additional return on the efforts.
  2. How can we get the marketing teams, lead gen teams, CRM peeps, marketing automation teams, and development / design / web teams to work together on something? I can't get this kind of collaboration and we can't identify leverage points to convince all the stakeholders to buy in on shared projects.
  3. Can you provide concrete examples of how this has been successful for different business drivers, verticals, and organization types? (The answer is yes.)
  4. What is the difference between what I want my users to want, and what my users actually want? And how can I make sure I don't fall into the trap of providing the former rather than the latter (and ending up with a feature that nobody uses)?
  5. Is Reggie Wideman really that attractive in person? And if not, what are the biggest pitfalls that marketing teams fall into that prevent them from using data and structuring their org in a way that performs? This may be political, institutional, strategic, dev-related, etc. (And all will be addressed.)



Bradley Cohen, Digital and Social Media Strategist, Janrain

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