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SXSW Music 2014

Stronger Than A Séance: Resurrecting Jerry Garcia

How do you bring an artist, 20 years gone, back from the dead, and make him relevant to a medium that never existed in his lifetime? Jerry Garcia—head of the Deadheads—inadvertently formed the most social band of all time before the advent of the most social space in the world. We set out on a trip to marry the two.

Come discover how the unconventional life of a legend informed our immersive and offbeat process. And meet his daughter, Trixie, who will share the personal story of how this project honored her father's memory in ways Jerry, himself, would have loved. You’ll leave with an altered perspective of what’s possible—one you won't have to drop acid to attain. But, by all means, feel free.

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  1. How does the advent of new technology modify the purpose and relevance of an artist’s once-static legacy?
  2. How can a more flexible process boost creativity and productivity, and ensure a single, user-centric POV?
  3. What happens when you decide to draw inspiration from an unlikely source, and apply your findings to the way you think about—and work through—a project?
  4. What does it take to evolve a passion project into a broad and tangible experience for the masses?
  5. How did Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead offer us altered perspective on our approach to collaboration, creation, and experimentation?



Mark Silverman, Senior Planner, Critical Mass

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