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SXSW Music 2014

Today's Best Practices in Music Publicity

Though publicity can be one of the best marketing investments for a band or record label, the media landscape is shifting so fast, it's important to keep up with developments in journalism and what publicity practices and technology get the best results. The publicists on this panel actively pitch the media every day and have direct feedback of what works and what doesn't. This lively conversation will start with basics like how to craft a story, etiquette for contacting the press, and strategies for staying organized. We will then get into special tactics such as how to approach blogs, offering exclusive downloads or videos, scoring national TV, and using events to increase publicity. We'll address how the media is contracting and expanding and whether social media augments or distracts from publicity efforts. Finally, we will discuss emerging technology to help make publicity efforts more powerful.

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  1. What elements need to included in each story you are pitching to the press?
  2. What does it mean to "think like a journalist" and why should you do it?
  3. What are next level strategies that differentiate a beginning publicist from a pro?
  4. How can you create and strengthen personal relationships with journalists?
  5. What tools have emerged in recent times to help a publicist be more effective?



Dmitri Vietze, CEO/founder, StoryAmp

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