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ListenUp! SpeakUp! GameUp! A Game Data Discussion

Game developer? Classroom teacher? Lifelong learner? Game Enthusiast? Join the conversation in this session about the potential and reality offered by games for igniting hunger for learning.

This panel brings together a host of experts in the field of education, game development, and research to explore the many voices in games for teaching and learning. The panel will unpack the perspectives of parents, teachers, and learners around the potential of educational games; examine leveraging knowledge of these diverse views in game development and integration; and explore the traditional disconnect between research and practice.

Discover where you “fit” into the thinking around games for learning as we explore national data from the Gates Foundation, Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, and Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up Survey results.

Play games. Interact with data. Get your geek on. Join us to stretch the traditional boundaries of research and practice.

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  1. How can we incorporate student/stakeholder voice in planning to create a shared vision around the use of games? How can playtesting drive the shape and direction of digital tools? What are aspirations of students?
  2. How can we leverage data around games for learning that represents the voices of parents, teachers, and students, to drive successful implementations for game developers and classroom practitioners?
  3. How do your individual thoughts about games for learning intersect with national data? Where do you fit in the games for learning ecosystem? And how can you leverage other voices to challenge your own thinking?



Kari Stubbs, Vice President, Learning and Innovation, BrainPOP

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  • Tags: research, learning
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel Discussion
  • Track: Gaming & Virtual Learning
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Intermediate
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