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SXSW Interactive 2014

The Future of Biometrics

Biometrics. When you hear that word your mind probably jumps to thoughts of Jack Bauer in 24. Possibly Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report. Or Daniel Craig as James Bond. Regardless of what hero comes to mind, we typically think of biometrics being used for identity verification, security, or tracking. Or maybe a combination. But we’re getting to a point, with the help of technology, in which biometrics are going to become a lot more mainstream. And soon. This presentation will look at the technologies behind biometrics and what the future holds for consumers. Imagine you’re on a plane and your iWatch, using biometrics of course, examines your sweat content and determines that you’re dehydrated and your blood sugar is dropping. All of a sudden, the flight attendant is alerted and you’re given water and a snack. This is the type of experience biometrics can provide. Skooks Pong of Synapse will give us a deep look into the life-changing capabilities this technology can unlock.

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  1. How can monitoring and understanding health data, on personal and public levels, improve quality of life and increase average life expectancy?
  2. How do we seamlessly integrate biometric technology into devices to create a user experience that is pervasive, without being invasive?
  3. What are the technological hurdles that must be overcome to create an attractive market-ready biometric device?
  4. How can we overcome consumer concerns, such as privacy and security?
  5. How can biometrics securely authenticate user identity more effectively than the archaic password system we currently rely on?



Kirstin Moline, Marketing Communications Specialist , Synapse Product Development

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