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Minecraft Your Classroom

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time with broad appeal to all age groups, genders and types of gamers. It also happens to be the most versatile teaching tool since the pencil. Thousands of educators all over the world are using the game to teach science, art, language, history, and much, much more. Find out what happens when an engaging game that kids love gets remixed for the classroom. Step into the world of Minecraft and learn how you can use this sandbox game to transform learning in your classroom, afterschool or youth program.

We are a ragtag team of programmers and educators who have helped thousands of teachers harness the power of Minecraft. Join us in this hands-on workshop where we’ll provide plenty of networked devices so that participants can learn as they play together. Rotate through game-based activities designed to help you learn how to get started with Minecraft and how to use this game to deeply engage students in core subject areas.

Learning Objectives



Joel Levin, Owner, Education Director, Teacher Gaming

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