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Welcoming the Robot Workforce

In the coming years, we will rely on robots to manage our agriculture, infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and security. Advanced human-to-robot interaction will transform industries and change the way we think about the workforce. The impacts will not be limited to industry and traditional blue collar work, as Telepresence robots like Beam, Vgo, and the iRobot Ava 500 will expand the white collar world, allowing workers to be physically present in two places at once. And who knows what will happen as IBM’s Watson Robot finishes medical school? Will the robotic takeover of jobs afford humanity the time to become the best versions of ourselves, or will this lead to a depressing idleness that is economic, as much as emotional? Drawing from the lessons from the automotive and manufacturing industries, do we have a responsibility to our workers and ourselves to ensure the ongoing productivity of humanity? Can we keep humanity from turning into WALL-E?

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Leigh Durst, CXO, Live Path, Strategist / Event Producer for IEEE

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